6 Simple Steps My Clients Have Implemented to Create Online Courses Generating $18,149 per month

Learn how to build a fulltime income selling online courses for $500 - $2000 USD on autopilot even if you've not tech savy or haven't sold anything online before


Free "on-the-spot" Coaching

This FREE LIVE Training Reveals My...

E.A.S.Y Formula for building profitable online courses

Turn your knowledge into a scaleable digital product (online courses & memberships) - so that you can stop trading time for money.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Start An Online Course

With the growth of online learning industry in this new economy, it has never been easier to build an online course. I'll show you how you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars building your very first course or your next one.

3 Key Mistakes Most Course Creators Make and What to Do Instead

Whether this is your very first course or your tenth, I’m showing you exactly how you can avoid the critical mistakes most people make when launching their online course and how to implement the E.A.S.Y Formula.

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Course to Guarantee Success In Any Niche

I'll share with you the 3 core things you need in your course for a success business. By simply attending this free training, you will walk away confident with a clear strategy to guarantee sucess.

I'll also reveal...

A case study showing you how one of my clients grew to $15K months in just 3 months of building his course.

You have a profitable course inside you, let me show you how to build and scale it.

This training is catered to the expert, newbie entrepreneur, business owner who deserves to build their online program without the stress of information overload and overly technical setups. Let's build your $10K, 20K, $30K course together!

The Man Behind It...


I’m an Online Tech Educator on YouTube and creator of the Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint. Building an online course on WordPress using LearnDash doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this 60 min live training  I’ll show you how to build your own profitable online course without an audience, posting everyday or the tech stress that causes most people to give up on their business. Within the past 2 years I’ve helped over 100 entrepreneurs build an online course and I’m inviting you to this training so you can get in on a piece of the pie. Sign up for the live training!

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How to build a program that transforms lives and generates income at will.

This live training is your chance to see behind-the-scenes of how to create more time, money and freedom. Learn how to build a fulltime income with your own profitable course.